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    Discover the places you’ve never been before


Build your perfect tour yourself.

Our clients are our greatest value. We are proud that our clients recommend us to their friends, relatives and acquaintances. We, in turn, are doing our utmost to make your rest positive and memorable, try to provide everything necessary to make you feel confident during.

Unsurpassed safety of every trip.

Creation of each route is brought to the ideal. In creating tours and combination of routes experienced guides, responsible managers, and our CEO are involved. Groups of tourists are escorted by only experienced and erudite guides specializing in several countries.

Best cuisines of the world are opened to you.

This year we celebrated 32 years. During this time we have developed many new tourism projects, created dozens of unique travel products and are not resting on our laurels. We have earned the trust of thousands of tourists who have traveled with us.


At the moment, our services have benefited from more than 310000  travelers and about 400 people trust us their daily travel.